3 Horizontally Paneled Corten Double Door with Square Brushed Stainless Pulls & Door Lites & Sidelites

Custom Pulls

Bowed I
Bowed II
Riveted Radial
Dough Cutter
Powder Coated*
Raw Steel*

Aluminum pivot doors offer breathtaking design alternatives.

Dramatic and modern pivot doors add style and sophistication to your home.

Modern Steel Doors

First impressions are lasting impressions and your front door is the first connection that gives your home its character and appeal. While a door technically acts as a barrier to protect your home, it should also be beautiful, welcoming and beckon guests inside because it all happens at the front door. At Modern Steel Doors we don’t just make doors…we create an experience.

Pivot doors are different from traditional doors because they rotate on a pivot point as opposed to the side hinges of the traditional door. This unique system easily supports much more weight, enabling pivot doors to work well with contemporary designs demanding wider openings and unique materials. Modern Steel Doors uses state-of-the-art methods and machinery to make quality pivot doors that are individually designed and engineered for each project.

The Benefits of Pivot Doors:

Real Stability
The support system of the pivot is typically situated at the threshold and transfers all of door’s weight directly into the ground in a way that you cannot achieve with side hanging doors. This is critical if you require a heavy door or one made from fragile materials such as glass. Pivot doors also take less hardware and have a simple design for installation.

Pivoting doors do not require a demanding frame installation since the door pivots as opposed to swings. This enables the opening and closing process to be unique and fluid.

Pivot doors can create a unique aesthetic with an illusion of space and size that creates a lasting first impression.

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