Pivot Doors



Pivot Doors:  We all like options. Options offer us an opportunity to exercise our right to choose and to create an identity. Pivot doors offer a new option for your modern front door. In the past, the only options for a front door were a double door, or a single door with sidelights. While these very common options are good enough for most homes, everything evolves—kind of like smart phones are the descendants of car phones.


Impact: When was the last time you saw a six foot wide single pivot door entrance?
Size: The large size draws attention from a distance and the unique pivot door action engages visitors up close.
View: Less door frames mean more glass and more unobstructed views.  Pivot doors have more view.


To say the pivot doors we craft at Modern Steel Doors are high end is an understatement. A contemporary pivot door from Modern Steel Doors will define your home in a way that few things can.