OMG - I am just speechless!!!!

That door is beyond awesome. I don't even know how many times I hugged it!!!! I just have one regret- that we didn't get one of the custom handles...but not complaining about this one!!! I will send pictures as soon as the project is complete. It is installed but covered. All of my sub contractors just stood there staring in awe when it was installed! Love it! — Natalie

Clients' Glass Pivot Doors

Clients' Glass & Metal Doors

Clients' Metal Pivot Doors

Modern Steel Doors manufactured five very high quality doors meeting my custom design. There were numerous construction details that I required and they satisfied all of them. I enjoyed working with the team.
Garry B.

We are VERY pleased with our door. The quality exceeds the other metal door we had in our previous home. The design is striking and draws lots of positive comments and interest. We won't expect to see another door exactly like it. Your help in selecting just the right door for our house was also very much appreciated. The door came in on time and has had no problems! We love it! 
Thanks again,
Janet T

We were delighted to learn that our neighbors followed our lead and had their new front door designed and fabricated by Modern Steel Doors. The door you produced for us is truly a work of art and not only sets the stage for what is to come when entering our house but is the talk of the entire neighborhood.

If you remember, we were down at your showroom quite a while ago with Jim McMahon, our architect, looking around for a custom door to grace the entry of our new desert contemporary home. When we spotted a similar one being crated we told Jim, "Design a house around a door like that!" We took your already produced magnificent modern door, customized it to suit our dreams, and you made it come to life. The door is so impressive that everyone has to stop and tell us how fantastic it is- from the beautiful finish, the tinted glass, to the phenomenal pivoting system. It is as much a work of art as it is a functioning entity.

Thanks to you the team at Modern Steel Doors we have a real showstopper ! I can only hope that anyone looking for a truly elegant and creative door would give you the opportunity to show them how attention to design and detail can result in such a masterpiece.

Thanks again for making us so happy with your door. It will long be a source of pride for us and I hope you will use us as a reference to show the high standards of workmanship you set for yourselves.

Jo and Mark L.

Our Modern Steel Door door added a new focal point to the entrance of our home. It's classic geometric style is versatile, functional and attractive. We have had many compliments on its enhancement to our entryway. We also applaud the professional service we received from this Tucson based company.  
Mark and Julie Z.

I have worked with more than a few iron door companies over the years. Modern Steel Doors is significant in that their product is truly is an entry way, not just a door. Their designs and ability to produce absolute custom products are unmatched in the industry. After touring the Modern Steel Doors' manufacturing facility, I am even more impressed and see that they not only produce the best quality product I have seen, but their concern for and the steps they take to protect our environment far exceed any I have seen. I am proud to offer Modern Steel Doors to my valued clients. 
Thank You,

Appreciate everything you have done for us!! Honestly, enjoy is not the right word…. You guys did an awesome job!! Extremely professional, efficient and all around good people! I was glad to get to meet you in person as well! I can assure you that we will be singing your praises to everyone that we come in contact with. I realize you were hesitant to make any type of negative statements or comments about the folks who did our previous door and gate and I respect you for that, but your work is exceptional and the difference is night and day- literally. There just is no comparison.

Your company is worth every penny we have put into our new door and gate! Thanks for everything!!  

Anthony and Janaki C.

We have finally been moving into our new home. I would like to thank you again for all the help you gave me in designing and accommodating all of my requests. Our front door is the focal point of our home. Everyone that opens it can't believe how easily it opens. The construction is by far superior to anything anyone else makes. The company that did our iron work in and outside our home were very impressed with your craftsmanship. Your company's integrity is excellent. Everything you said you were going to do, you did within the time frame you said. It's always a little scary sending large amounts of money to someone you don't know and for something that you can't see. But I would recommend your company and have done so to anyone looking for an outstanding product. We are happy to be a customer of your company that makes a custom superior product in the USA.
Barbara M.

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