Pivot Door Hinges:
Generic vs Integrated

Common questions

  • What is the best type of pivot hinge?
  • What kind of pivot hinge should be used for a front door?
  • Why is my pivot door starting to sag?
  • How can I fix my sagging pivot door?
  • How to replace a pivot door hinge?

Generic pivot door hinges are fastened as an addition, not an integration. Generic bottom hinges are installed at the time of installation, into or on top of the subfloor, and generic top hinges are preinstalled in the jamb head. Generic pivot door hinges require that the pivot door be hinged after the jamb and threshold have been installed. This method of installation prohibits the ability to rack the jamb in order to compensate for the extra width and weight of the pivot door. Pivot doors must be racked, at the time of installation, in order to counteract the pivot door’s tendency to lean downward due to its massive size and weight.

Generic pivot door hinges are fastened as an addition, not an integration.

Modern Steel Doors integrates the pivot hinge with the jamb and threshold. Therefore, the entire pivot door arrives ready to stand and install. Integrative installation, of the pivot door and jamb enables racking the pivot door jamb as needed.

Modern Steel Doors offers a wide range of finishes with the appropriate balance of sheen and texture.

Our proprietary finishing process has taken decades to develop. This diligent finishing process ensures that every pivot door is a breathtaking work of art that will stand the test of time.

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