Pivot Door Locks Available
on Modern Steel Doors

Common questions

  • What kind of locks are used on pivot doors?
  • How can I change my pivot door lock?
  • What type of smart lock can be used on my pivot door?
  1. Round narrow backset deadbolt in matching finish
    Our narrow backset deadbolt is included with all Modern Steel Doors. The faceplate and collars are finished to match your pivot door. This lock has a heavy duty laminated throw with an integrated anti sawing pin. Send in your key and the door will ship keyed to match it.

  2. Concealed electric deadbolt
    Our concealed electric deadbolt has been designed to work with automated homes. The deadbolt is concealed within the jamb to provide a clean, seamless look. This lock works especially well with our ultra-thin glass pivot doors.

  3. Square Baldwin deadbolts finished in satin black or satin nickel
    We use a quality Baldwin deadbolt when a conventional deadbolt is desired. The deadbolt has square shaped faceplates and is available in satin black to match the powder coated finish or in satin nickel to match the brushed stainless steel pulls.

  4. Baldwin Evolved smart deadbolts finished in satin black or satin nickel
    Our smart lock of choice is the Baldwin Evolved smart lock deadbolts. With advanced operating technology and an attractive style, a smart lock is a great addition to other “smart” features of your home. See how it works.

Smart Locks with Advanced Operating Technology and an Attractive Style

The smart lock can be operated with the following methods

  • Key
  • FOB
  • Smartphone
  • Permission control. Grant, delete or tailor admittance into your home with eKeys. eKeys are virtual keys that you can manage with your lock App.
  • 24 - Hour Permission. Grant guest access for a 24 - hour period. Access is automatically deleted after 24 - hours.
  • Time and days based access. Schedule access for service personnel.

Modern Steel Doors offers a wide range of finishes with the appropriate balance of sheen and texture.

Our proprietary finishing process has taken decades to develop. This diligent finishing process ensures that every pivot door is a breathtaking work of art that will stand the test of time.

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